The Hits Doctor Partial Client List:

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   Pfizer Parature Vocus
   DataDirect FDA News Car Bid Now
   DrFirst IDTDNA GoodBelly
Additional clients Brett Fisher has supported:
Citibank Celebrity Cruises Education Connection

The Hits Doctor’s Testimonials:

We take pride in delivering the highest return on investment SEO/SEM services available in the search engine marketing vertical. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say about The Hits Doctor.

PRWeb and Vocus

PRWeb PPC Results for Vocus

Results after The Hits Doctor PPC Management:

- The Hits Doctor Increased leads by 1,167% in white paper campaigns.

- The Hits Doctor Increased leads by 352% in demo leads.

Testimonial from Client:
“I can’t say enough about what a superstar Brett is. He’s managed search campaigns for me at PRWeb and Citigroup, two organizations with very different budgets, goals and products, and at both places, his performance has been stellar. Brett is unique in his depth of understanding of search, his ability to understand business objectives and execute the search strategy based on that, his understanding of a direct response approach, and his integrity as it relates to spending of budget and client billing. He also is responsive to requests, and I would call on his agency for any search related initiative, knowing that he knows how to drive results quickly.”

Tanja Omeze – VP, Online Marketing
PRWeb & Vocus Inc.

Car Bid Now

Car Bid Now

Results after The Hits Doctor PPC Services:

The Hits Doctor SEO Experts Increased lead volume by over 250% in under 45 days.

The Hits Doctor SEO Experts Decreased cost per lead by 50%.

                                  The Hits Doctor SEO Experts Increased conversion rates by over 500%.

Testimonial from Client:

Simply put: these guys do their job better than you can expect from anyone in their field, and we know: we’ve already put several of the “industry leaders” to the test with little avail. We’ve worked with lots of PPC and SEO companies in the past and are constantly having people pitch us on the ‘idea’ of something, but never with results and numbers. Manny and Brett have been working with us at Car Bid Now for a few months, and are the only company living up to their business model and promise. They’re experienced in handling the data and presenting it in a way that allows us to make executive decisions quickly based on live numbers. Our lead volume has increased, and their advertising/SEO consultation brought our landing page efficacy up drastically; we’re experiencing record conversion rates for new leads. Can’t thank these guys enough for working with us.

Andrew Finch
Car Bid Now

Testimonial about Brett Fisher’s SEO/SEM skills as former Manager of SEO for SapientNitro:


“Strategic Thinker, Master Executer, Dependable Manager. Brett exemplifies the qualities one looks for in a person to run a marketing channel. He proactively addresses problems, allowing his attention to be focused (as it should be) on the goal. In the years I’ve managed search campaigns, there are very few to whom I would entrust my business. Brett is at the top of that list.”

Sean Smith – VP Search Engine Marketing


“Brett was a pleasure to work with. He managed our paid search campaign for more than a year and in that time we grew the program significantly from both a volume and an efficiency perspective. He’s extremely bright, responsive and diligent. He brought new ideas to the table and managed his team capably in order to bring us the reporting/analysis we needed in a timely fashion.”

Erica Galarce – Senior Marketing Manager 



Results after The Hits Doctor SEO:

The Hits Doctor SEO Experts Increased top 10 Google organic rankings by 750%.

The Hits Doctor SEO Experts Google organic traffic increased by over 100%.

Results after The Hits Doctor PPC:

The Hits Doctor PPC Experts Decreased Cost Per Demo in PPC by 400%.


“We are extremely pleased with The Hits Doctor’s excellent service and the tangible results it helped us achieve.  Brett and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of SEO and PPC marketing. They promptly respond to our requests and go the extra mile to ensure we reach our marketing goals.   The Hits Doctor helped us achieve top 10 Google rankings in a short period of time, and they are doing a terrific job with our AdWords PPC campaigns.  In fewer than 3 months our PPC conversions have doubled and our cost per conversion has decreased by half. The Hits Doctor is certainly the best SEO/PPC company we know of in Boulder/Denver and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality service and results, whether you’re located in Colorado or elsewhere.”

Ariel Scott
GoodBelly Probiotic Fruit Drink
Boulder, Colorado

FDA News


The Hits Doctor has been our PPC vendor for the last year, helping FDAnews, a small B-to-B publishing company, find new prospects and increase sales of our newsletters, books, and conferences. Brett Fisher and his staff are the real deal – they’re smart and savvy and understand the ins and outs of developing successful Google ad campaigns, and a lot more. Brett is an exceptional vendor because, from the get-go, he operates on the premise that his work must result in a positive ROI for his client. He is an excellent communicator and provides first-class customer service. I recommend
The Hits Doctor and Brett Fisher without reservation.

Jim Bell

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