Search Engine Marketing Service

Organic SEO and Pay Per Click Management

The Hits Doctor's offers both organic search engine optimization and pay per click search management services.

"Organic SEO" refers to the website optimization process that enables websites to appear in the "organic listings" which are located below and to the left of sponsored links in the search engine results pages.

"Pay Per Click" campaigns, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Linkin Ads, and Facebook Ads can be a profitable way to generate sales and leads when managed properly.

Example of Organic vs. Pay Per Click links below:


Optimization for pay-per-click and organic search provide complementary benefits. Organic search can be the lowest cost form of traffic, while pay per click is an excellent tool for testing, sale/lead generation, and to round off organic voids.

The Hits Doctor recommends doing organic search engine optimization coupled with paid search, to achieve a well rounded and cost effective search campaign.