The Hits Doctor’s SEO Services can increase your search engine traffic.

Search engine optimization is the process of modifying a website’s code, content, linking structure and website architecture to maximize it’s potential to show up in the top search results for targeted keywords. The Hits Doctor uses advanced SEO and Social Media Marketing methods coupled with extensive testing to achive top 10 rankings for our clients.

The Hits Doctor employs advanced search engine optimization strategies to increase search engine traffic to your website. Some of these strategies include:

  • A keyword analysis for your site and your competition. Keywords are the starting point to increased search engine traffic. We do a comprehensive keyword analysis for your site will identify the most appropriate keywords that will bring you targeted traffic which convert into a sale or lead. Analyzing your competition’s web sites will show us what’s working for them and what isn’t. Knowing your enemy is a key foundation of marketing!
  • Rebuilding your site from the ground up. If you want to increase search engine traffic, you need to look at the smallest of variables in your site: META tags, HTML, and your site’s architecture and linking structure all play important roles in your search engine rankings. The Hits Doctor will take a look at these and optimize them for the best traffic directed to your site.
  • Site map submissions to search engines. You can’t get increased search engine traffic without the search engines knowing about it! The Hits Doctor will work with you to create an optimized HTML site map as well as an XML site map and submit them to the major search engines. We also update your site map as you add new pages to ensure that your site is updated with all the major search engines. Every page on your site needs to be submitted and indexed on the search engines in order to increase search engine traffic.
  • Detailed ranking reports. The Hits Doctor will show you reports every month detailing how well your site is faring against your competition. By looking at this information, we can make the necessary adjustments to increase your search engine traffic.
  • Monthly monitoring and maintenance. The Internet is an ever-changing place, and the search engines are a clear example of that. If you miss a step, your rankings can plummet. If you want any hope of increased search engine traffic, regular monitoring is needed. The Hits Doctor can optimize and make modifications to your site as needed in order to keep your place in the rankings.

By approaching search engine optimization this way, we establish a search engine presence for your site, which will increase search engine traffic. These are proven SEO strategies, and they have worked for our clients – it’s time you allow them to work for you!

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The Hits Doctor has a proven track record of achieving top 10 search engine rankings.

SEO Success Story: Larry’s Cap Rock & Stone
SEO results for Larry's Cap Rock and Stone
Results after SEO:

SEO TestimonialsSite traffic increased by over 400%
SEM and PPC Testimonials67 new top 10 rankings

Top 10 Rankings Prior to SEO: 0 (zero)

Top 10 Rankings After SEO: 67

Verify on Googlelandscape rocks

Testimonial from Client:

“The Hits Doctor increased our business by 30% and delivered rapid fire results within budget. Brett & his team are an essential part of our marketing strategy and growth plans, and their service & knowledge are unparalleled.”

Allyson Humphries
Director of Sales & Marketing
Larry’s Cap Rock & Stone

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