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The Hits Doctor LLC is a Google AdWords Certified Partner specializing Google TV consulting, management and support.

Google TV Ads

Google TV enables companies of all sizes to buy and precisely measure national cable television advertising. Using Google TV’s targeting tools, The Hits Doctor will help you to find the networks and programs for the audience you want to reach. Our advanced reporting and analytics provide TV impressions, leads, and resulting web site traffic data to see how TV drives results for your business.

  • Gives your company to access 1+ billion national TV impressions, reaching 15% of Americans.
  • Create an affordable TV commercial & run it for as little as $20 per TV spot!
  • Only pay for people who watch your commercial for more than 5 seconds.
  • Buy your audience: use layers of consumer data integrated into millions of set-top-boxes across nearly every cable network.
  • Advanced tracking and lead measurement using toll free (800) numbers.
  • Addresses your challenges of expanding beyond your online audience.

Google TV Inventory

Google TV: Fully Integrated Call Tracking

Many advertisers whose goal is to drive sales and leads include toll-free phone numbers in their TV ads. Toll-free numbers are obviously a great sales channel, and can also be useful in tracking the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. If you have several campaigns targeting a different audience or set of networks and programs, we suggest assigning a unique ad to each campaign featuring a toll-free number that is unique to that ad and campaign.

A call reporting number is a special number issued to you for use with your AdWords TV Ads. All calls to that number will be redirected to a phone number of your choosing, which is called your business number. By using the call reporting number only in certain ads or certain campaigns, you can track the total number of calls you get as a result of those ads or campaigns.

Google TV call tracking

Google AdWords QualifiedThe Hits Doctor has been working with Google AdWords since it’s inception and is considered to be one of the most strategic search engine marketing companies in the USA. Google provides The Hits Doctor with a dedicated Google Agency Support team to help manage and optimize our client’s Google TV campaigns. This gives The Hits Doctor a significant advantage over our competition. Our clients not only receive expert Google TV consulting, management and optimization from The Hits Doctor’s highly qualified experts, but also from a team of Google TV experts.

The Hits Doctor’s Google TV Consultant service includes:

  • Comprehensive TV media plan with demographic placement targeting
  • Campaign and placement structuring to maximize ROI
  • On-going lead tracking and channel optimization
  • Advanced Google Analytics reporting and website traffic analysis
  • Detailed reporting outlining TV and lead performance statistics
  • World class support and advanced optimization methods

Fortune 500 companies and small businesses trust The Hits Doctor to effectively and efficiently manage their Google TV campaigns to achieve high ROI, increase sales and attract new customers.

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